About the Park

Fremont Peak Park is situated on a steeply-sided promontory at 4357 Palatine Ave. N. in upper Fremont. The unique geography of the 24,640 square-foot property creates a spectacular view of the city, sound, and mountains. The view and the large stand of mature conifers make the spot an urban oasis—a place to contemplate the land, sea, sky, and city life below.

The park had its Grand Opening in November of 2007 and it’s landscaping is still maturing.  Fremont Peak Park has proven to be a popular neighborhood spot and gives the community a permanent, year-round oasis where they can interact with nature. From the viewpoint, one can see the snow advance and retreat on the Olympics, watch how the clouds color the sunsets, and note the flow of human activity along the ship canal. Closer at hand, park visitors can enjoy neighborly exchanges in a natural setting beneficial to both people and wildlife.


Through collaboration on the park project, supporters have forged enriching personal bonds and discovered new strengths. These connections will deepen through on-going park stewardship as its progress is guided and nurtured. While the degree of the public's enjoyment of this new natural park setting may not be measurable, it perhaps is the single greatest reward for our labors and sacrifices.

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